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CrossOver Restaurant Manager (CRM) is a robust restaurant POS software system integrated with a complete business accounting & inventory management software package with production journal. As a restaurant owner or operator, you know that you can be more successful if you can provide a better experience for your customers and gain greater control over your costs and profits. CRM will help you do both. Our Restaurant Software System will give you the business software solution you need. Built on top of an award winning, mature accounting system and designed by working closely with the owners and operators of many different departments, CRM gives you the tools you need to run a better business.


Product Features:

  • “Software with Ultimately The Best GUI”
  • DASHBOARD for overall information of inventory
  • Key board friendly navigation
  • Complete with two sections; Inventory Management and Accounting
  • In General, two sections are integrated with each other but could be run independently as well
  • Unlimited user, group and Company creation facility as per the duties and responsibilities with full security
  • Inbuilt Double Entry Book Keeping System
  • Fiscal Year Ending with exact Balance Carry forward Mechanism
  • Powerful data search facility
  • Point Of Sale & Sales return facility
  • Numbers of reports with Graphical Charts
  • Reports can be exported to Word, Excel, HTML, PDF format
  • Bar code scanning facility
  • Automatic schedule Data Backup and restore facility
  • Emailing facility to vendor and customers
  • Can be used as standalone application or in network with multiple PCs
  • Root Level drilldown facility

Production Includes:

Production Journal

  • Conversion Table: To manage the conversion ratio
  • Production Wizard: To product the item from raw materials
  • Production List: To show the product list
  • Hotel Departments: To manage the hotel’s department
  • Stock Issue: To issue the stock
  • Stock Consumption: To show how much stock consumed
  • Mini Bar Management: To manage the mini bar in hotel


  • Consumptions: Stock consumption report
  • Issue / Consumptions: View Issue / Consumptions by department
  • Product Wise: Product wise periodic Consumption / Issue
  • Mini Bar Consumption: Customer wise stock report
  • K.O.T Report: Shows the issue, consumption & sales are proper or not

Account Includes:


  • General Ledgers: Management of general ledgers and sub-ledger with its details information
  • Account Group: To manage the new account group if necessary
  • User Cash Book Account: To manage the user cash book account individually
  • Steward (Waiter) Account: To manage the steward account and pass their commission according to sales made by them
  • Journal Voucher: To manage the journal voucher
  • Cash/Bank Voucher (Receive, Payment): To receive / payment cash / bank voucher


  • Cash/Bank Book
  • Cash Book Summary
  • Day Book Summary
  • Journal Vouchers
  • Ledgers
  • Receive/Payment Register (Customer & Supplier)
  • Party Ledgers (Customer, Supplier & Agent)
  • Outstanding (Customer & Supplier)
  • VAT Report (Sales, Order, Purchase & Accommodation Register)
  • Balance Sheet
  • Trial Balance
  • Profit & Loss
  • Audit Trails

Inventory Includes:

Inventory Management

  • Product
  • Purchase
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Return
  • Purchase Expiry / Breakage Return
  • Order
  • Sales
  • Sales Return
  • Sales Expiry / Breakage
  • Dash Board


  • Purchase Invoice
  • Purchase Order
  • Purchase Challan
  • Purchase Return
  • Purchase Expiry / Breakage
  • Customer Order Register
  • Sales Invoice
  • Sales Challan
  • Sales Return
  • Sales Expiry / Breakage
  • Sales by Stewards
  • Stock Ledgers
  • Stock Valuation
  • Product Batch Query

Management Information System (MIS) Report:

  • Production
    • Issue consumption detailed
    • Department
    • Product/Department
  • Mini Bar
    • Room Wise
    • Stock Report
  • Analysis
    • Room Analysis
    • Inventory Movements
    • IMR Detailed
    • Costing Analysis
    • Daily Transaction Summary
    • In House Guests
  • Accounts
    • Ledgers
    • Trial Balance
    • Balance Sheet
    • Profit & Loss

Implementation & Support:

After acceptance of the software, Crossover Web shall provide 3 months of free support from the date of agreement and installation. This implementation support will include system administration and information update.

  • Any addition of new features or changes after the requirement analysis phase is over would be a fresh new contract.
  • Any additional support beyond the 3 months period will be charged separately.

Upgrading & Maintenance:

Crossover Web will periodically check, and maintain its products after the development of the application. Crossover Web will allocate resources to manage this activity only during the maintenance period.