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Website Design Process


The process starts when we get two things from your end; 50% of the payment and answer to our Website Designing questioner. This helps our layout designer understand your perspective on the website you wish to make in terms of look and feel; for example the images to choose, color preferences, websites that we need to refer to or base your website on. Your are required to send your logo if you already have one.

A dedicated single point of contact is established, so that its easier for you to co-ordinate the process from start to finish.

On receipt of the questionnaire our layout designer designs a mock-up layout, which is sent to you in 2-3 working days. You can then review the layout and have a chance to send us your feedback in terms of changes required, like change in images, site colors, etc.

We usually take 1-2 days depending upon the complexity of the changes requested in your feedback. Once you are satisfied with the outcome the layout is considered approved (on your confirmation). The layout designer then works on the inside pages and converting design to HTML; at which stage we expect to already have the content for the inside pages.

Once the site is ready it is uploaded to our staging server. You then get a chance to review the completed website (as it would appear on your server when uploaded), and once again give us your feedback in terms of changes if any.

On final approval and the receipt of the remaining payment we transfer the website to your domain; at which stage we would require the FTP and Web Hosting Control Panel access information.

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